A biotech platform generating novel psychedelic molecules for breakthrough therapeutics

A new solution for pain management

30% of people worldwide suffer from chronic pain, and managing pain via opioids has created a crisis of its own. We’re engineering psychedelics to relieve patient suffering, avoid the prescription of more harmful substances, and reduce the burden on the healthcare system.

[Re]starting with the evidence

In 1968, psychedelic research was shut down for having ‘no therapeutic value’, and only in 2018 was psilocybin designated as a breakthrough therapy for depression. We’re working with key experts to restart clinical research of psychedelics, many of which are being studied for the first time.

Working with nature to enhance nature

Psychedelics can be made even more effective with modifications. We’re searching through 100,000+ biochemical combinations to identify and optimize the best molecules for treatment, and we’ve only scratched the surface of what is possible.

Since 1999, the yearly death count from opioid overdoses has risen 600% in the United States, with 68,630 deaths in 2020 alone.

New Solutions

Cy optimises psychedelics to generate new solutions for chronic pain.

A Timeline of Progress


Kast. et al show a classic psychedelic had ‘protracted and more effective’ pain relief than two opioid comparators


U.S. President Nixon signs the Controlled Substances Act, declaring molecules illegal and of ‘no therapeutic value’


Foundation of the International Association for the Study of Pain as clinicians begin to focus on pain outside of injury


Letter to editor in New England Medical Journal claims ‘low incidence of addiction to opioids’


Purdue Pharma introduce OxyContin as medical breakthrough for chronic pain


From 1995 to 2007 the prescription of opioids rose from 50-250Bn MMEs


John Hopkins team shows therapeutic value for terminal patients given psychedelics, opening door for further research


FDA designates psilocybin a breakthrough therapy for depression


Cy platform derives solutions for chronic pain from novel psychedelics

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